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What to Include in Your Wedding Invitation Suite: Amy Morrison's Expert Insights

When it comes to wedding invitations there's a host of options and style choices. Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests will receive of your wedding so choose your paper goods to make an incredible first impression that highlights the style of your celebration.

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Amy Morrison, owner and creator behind A Paper Wedding provided some answers to help steer your search toward the most amazing paper goods for your unique celebration. Her custom creations are incredible and she's been featured in many wedding spaces of note such as The Knot and Green Wedding Shoes. If you are searching for an elegant custom creation that will set your wedding invitations and paper goods apart, head directly to her website, A Paper Wedding to find see what impeccable taste combined with bespoke quality looks like.

The first question Amy answered is;

Q. When should you begin choosing your wedding invitations and once you've found them, when should they be sent out to your guest list?

I would start looking for invitations within the month you get married. The reason being is there are so many options out there and you want to make sure you have time to order them before it’s too late. The custom route can easily take 3 months or more so you want to save yourself the stress of last minute orders.

Sending out save the dates 6 months before and invitations 8 weeks from your wedding date, is my recommendation. Always check with your planner (and if you don’t have a planner your venue and or catering team) and make sure that is an appropriate timeline because some require head counts pretty early.

Q. What are some helpful tips for proper wording on your invitations?

I would suggest “Together with our families...” if there are complicated family situations. This tends to cover everyone and not leave anyone out.

If you are getting married in a church you should use "request the presence of your company” and if you are getting married in a non religious building is it "request the pleasure of your company".

Q. When choosing paper goods, what items are most important?

The central piece of any invitation is suite is, naturally, the invitation. It pays to carefully choose yours to reflect the color and feel of your celebration. There are lots of options that can give a unique spin and working with a designer who can guide you toward the right look for your invitations is a great option for insuring the best pick. That being said, once you've picked your invite, consider investing in a program for your ceremony. A great program. can provide structure and a continuity that carries over from the initial invite.

Q. What's the difference in both experience and final product, in working with a custom designer over a template website?

Experience- You get one on one attention and a vendor that will produce your exact ideas. If you choose a template there is no altering it. A designer can create and bring your unique vision to life in a way that will be 100% you and your personal style.

Final Product- The final product is the biggest difference because you will get the exact colors, accessories, etc that you want. Whereas ordering paper goods from template format there are few to no options that come with it. You will receive a product that is truly unique to your big day when you work with a custom designer!

Q. What's the most unique paper good you've ever created for a couple?

Probably the most unique invitation is one I created for a bride that was getting married at The Greenbrier Hotel. We backed the invitation in real wood, used wood as the belly band and to top it off we attached a custom engraved wood chip to each suite. It turned out so gorgeous. True rustic elegance.

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