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4 Creative Engagement Announcements: Unique Ways to Share Your 'Yes'

You're getting married!! Your heart is racing, you feel like you just ingested 10 pounds of cotton candy and you CAN'T WAIT TO TELL EVERYONE. You could reach for your phone and mass text your entire contact list or...consider these fun and creative ways to announce to the world that you've found the love of your life and you're getting ready to say 'I do'.

Two individuals standing by a lakeside, looking at each other with a forest and mountain backdrop.

1. Include Your Wedding Date!

If you're one of those incredible souls who has your dates charted and woke up knowing what was on your agenda for the next year, you might have your wedding date picked out already. If that's the case consider including those all important six digits in your engagement announcement. This can double as a save the date preview and give people a heads up that your date should be penciled into their calendars. You can do this with a photo of scrabble tiles + your gorgeous ring or a photo of the two of you under numerical balloons announcing the date.

Woman in a white dress celebrates her creative engagement announcement by bending down to share a moment with her tan dog inside a rustic wooden room with a colorful rug and decorative pillow.

2. Include Your Pet

We've all swooned over adorable videos and photos of people's four legged family being a part of proposals, but even if your furry friend wasn't directly involved when the question was popped, consider making them your bearer of good news with a shot of them balancing your ring on their nose or looking on while the two of you smooch.

Amidst snowy woods, a man kneels proposing, sealing a moment of pure love.

3. Have a Photographer Capture Your Proposal

Not only will you have an amazing action shot to share with everyone, but additionally you'll have every part of this incredible moment captured to look back on. Hiring a photographer to be craftily poised in the background will give you a way to remember this especially important moment of your journey.

On a scenic hill, a couple shares a kiss as the sun sets.

4. Location, Location, Location

Were you on vacation in a magical spot? Sitting on a mountaintop or beach? Enjoying a quiet moment in your favorite corner of your backyard? If the backdrop of your proposal was mindblowing-ly beautiful or somewhere meaningful to to you, consider featuring that in your proposal announcement. You can snap a photo in the location of the two of you beaming or use geotagging or the location feature when you post to social media.


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