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What to Include on Your Wedding Website

One of the first steps as you begin wedding planning in the digital age is to build your wedding website. It's a key piece of the modern wedding that will help inform your guests and allow you to share pertinent details about your upcoming celebration. A lot of wedding planning websites like Wedding Wire and The Knot provide a platform and templates for you to create your personal website and it's a great idea to have all the information catalogued and listed in one place. Here are a few must include items and ideas to personalize your wedding website.

1. Your wedding details, everything included on your wedding invitations should also be found on your wedding website. Your date, venue, and ceremony time should all be front and center in the design of your site.

2. Dress code. It's a good idea to let your guests know the formality and tone of the dress code including notes for things like the environment and weather. If your ceremony is planned for the great outdoors in early December in the Adirondack Mountains, it's pertinent to let your guests know that they should bundle up.

3. An introduction to your wedding party. Having your wedding party write brief bios on themselves and how they became a part of your life is a fun way to introduce the key members of your wedding day to guests and family who may not have met them. It's also a fun space to celebrate the people closest to you as you mark this major milestone.

4. Transportation, lodging info, details about the local area. This is especially important if you have guests traveling in from out of town. To streamline the process, and save yourself from explain several hundred times that there's a room block reserved at the local Hilton; place all the information on a separate page of your website. Bonus points if you include recommendations for fun activities and great local restaurants!

5. Photos of the two of you! A gallery of your favorite images together and your engagement photos is a wonderful thing to add.

6. Your registries. Whether you're compiling your list with one store or several, it's excellent to include links so your guests can begin picking items to gift you with.

7. Your love story! Last, but by no means least, is is adding the story of how you met the spectacular person you're about to marry. Telling your story is a wonderful way to personalize your website and allows you to celebrate the momentous step that you're about to take. You can tell the story together in third person or each take turns telling how you met and fell in love.

With these items you can build an online center for your family and friends to inform and get everyone hyped about your upcoming celebration! Good luck and happy website building!


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