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Creative Flower Arrangements with Deep Meanings: Tips and Ideas

Let's talk flowers!

As you begin planning your celebration, florals and how you'll use them in both your decor and bouquets is going to come up in your planning process sooner rather than later. There are a multitude of fantastic planning articles out there that address color and texture choices, but there's another element of floral design that can be equally fascinating!


Practiced for centuries, in many different cultures, floriography is the art of ascribing meaning to flowers and building arrangements with messages coded into them.

During Victorian times it was common to keep a "floral dictionary" handy to decipher the meaning behind floral gifts and arrangements. Henry Phillips' Floral Emblems, published in 1825, was one such book and Kate Greenaway's The Language of Flowers, published in 1884, is another that continues to be reprinted to this day.

A modern example of this tradition is Kate Middleton and Prince William! Their florals were reportedly chosen with the significance of the flowers and greenery in mind. A collection of myrtle and ivy for love and marriage, hyacinths for their shared love of sports, and sweet william for gallantry.

Drawing inspiration from this tradition can add another dimension to your wedding and can be an eclectic way of emphasizing the romance of the day. To get you started, here are a few gorgeous blooms with a breakdown on their meanings. Happy Arranging!

Delphinium - Delphiniums are symbolic of an open heart and deep emotional connection.

Roses - We all know this one, romance and true love all the way!

Hydrangea - Gratitude and thanks for understanding deeply felt emotion is the heart of these beautiful flowers.

Scottish Thistle - Bravery, courage and loyalty are all meanings associated with this little purple blue flower.

Marigold - Marigolds have been used traditionally in Hindu weddings and are synonymous with passion and creativity.

Lavender Rose - Lavender roses (each color changes the variation of meaning when it comes to roses) suggest love at first sight! Perfect for all the romantics at heart.

Peony - Peonies are not only visually stunning, they are symbolic of a happy marriage. As if we needed anymore reasons to love their gorgeous color range and lacy petals!

Bells of Ireland - Also know as shell flowers, they are a traditional Irish wedding flower that symbolize good luck.

Lavender - Lavender is know for devotion and refinement.

Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus creates the meaning of healing and protection and is considered to be a purifying greenery that removes stagnant energy. It's a beautiful and refreshing choice for wedding arrangements.

Here are some extra resources to check out if you find yourself loving floriography and you want to learn more!



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