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First Look Pros and Cons (Should You?)

As you consider the timeline and overall feel of your day, a big question you'll need to answer is; Should you do a first look? It's a personal question and there is no one size fits all answer. Here are a few pros and cons to consider as you decide whether to do a first look or save the moment you lock eyes with your beloved for your walk down the isle.

Beginning with the most practical consideration, first looks can ease a busy wedding timeline, allow more time for you to enjoy cocktail hour and break the photo sessions up into smaller, more manageable blocks instead of one huge marathon session post-ceremony. A first look can allow you to do the bulk of wedding party and family photos pre-ceremony leaving you free to enjoy your reception and party with your peeps!

The biggest objection I hear for first looks is the fear of missing out on the anticipation of seeing each other at the alter. The main element to this concern is that while there is definitely an excitement and "Wow Factor" to waiting until the ceremony; seeing each other for the first time has a sweet intimacy that can be incredible in its own right. Traditional minded couples may find that bypassing the first look and waiting fits them very well. If you're nervous or a more private couple however, you won't find that you're missing any of that wow factor, it's simply a more personal tone and experience.

Speaking of nerves, if you're at all stressed or overwhelmed by the thought of the big day, a first look can be the perfect way to calm those nerves and remind yourself of what's at the heart of all the pomp and hoopla; the love you two share and your connection with each other.

I love first looks, they have a magic that's all their own. They are intimate moments where instead of being focused on the next steps you have to take in your timeline, and the crowd of family and friends, you can simply be wrapped up in each other. First looks can be amazing, not only because they tend to make wedding timelines more relaxed and easier to manage, or because they produce beautiful moments and photos, but because they seem to me like the heart of a wedding; two people deeply in love and focused on each other. 

Each couple knows in their hearts what the best fit is for them and you should 100% go with what feels natural and right to you both as you plan your day and take the first steps together of your happily ever after!


Virginia based
wedding photographer for the people who take the road less traveled

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