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Joanna & John: An Intimate Elopement at Lake Placid Lodge

Joanna and John eloped at the Lake Placid Lodge and it was one of the most stunning, heartfelt celebrations I've been lucky enough to be a part of. I loved how this day gently unfolded and that while their families were a vital part of their celebration, the focus never shifted from John and Joanna's deep love and passion for each other.

They started the day with both John and Joanna getting ready in separate areas of their lovely shared suite. I loved the intimacy and closeness of this and how while they didn't see each other once they began getting ready, they were never far apart. The ladies congregated in the insanely gorgeous bathroom which had an circular vaulted ceiling. They were surrounded by warm pine and beautiful bathroom fixtures. (Aside; Did you know bathroom fixtures could actually be beautiful?) Neither did I, until I started capturing weddings at The Lake Placid Lodge. I love the way the Lodge's beautiful interior and perfectly curated decor adds to each wedding that takes place there.

As Joanna and John said I do in the small stone alcove that overlooks Lake Placid, the intimate atmosphere and loveliness of their day truly shone. It's not often that two people who are perfectly suited have the good fortune to find one another, but when the stars align, as they did for Joanna and John, it is a moment of beauty that should be deeply cherished.

After their ceremony, Joanna's mother had the couple perform a beautiful Polish wedding tradition, sharing bread, salt and vodka to symbolize their marriage. I loved witnessing this small ceremony and it was beautiful to see the tenderness and joy that both families felt for Joanna and John.

After celebrating with cocktails, Joanna and John took off for a tour of the Lake on the Lodge's personal Hacker-Craft boat. The warm October day and beauty of Lake Placid perfectly complimented Joanna and John's happiness. With Whiteface Mnt. illuminated by the setting sun behind them Joanna and John returned to the Lodge for their private dinner and that, my friends, is how you begin the start of happily ever after with joie de vivre and style. <3


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