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The Alchemy of Love and Photography: Why Personal Connection is Essential by a Wedding Photographer

“Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam…”

To quote the iconic words from The Princess Bride, marriage (and, by extension, weddings) are my life’s work and a source of endless joy and fascination. I am always excited and honored to capture a couple’s love story and their connection. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different photographers and observe their approaches to weddings, and something that sets my work apart and is the cornerstone of my process is an understanding that each wedding and couple are unique and deserve to be photographed in a way that underscores and highlights the individual beauty of their love.

A tryptec of wedding photos featuring a large wedding party walking beside a lake, a wedding dress and bouquet, and a close up by a wedding photographer of a bride and groom looking at each other.

In my decade-long journey as a wedding photographer, I've come to recognize the value of truly getting to know my clients. Love is the emotion that fuels both fairytales and my work, and like an epic love story, each couple is unique. I can only tell your story authentically if I get to know who you are and the plot points that brought you to your happily ever after. Unlike cookie-cutter posing, my approach involves getting to know you so we can create timeless images that truly capture your personality and your love.

The Initial Connection: Questionnaires and Zoom Calls

A bride and groom photographed in Richmond by their wedding photographer.

Long before the camera shutter clicks, I make it a point to get to know you as individuals and a couple. How do we make this magic happen? Through client questionnaires and personal Zoom calls. These aren't just formalities; they are essential tools that allow me to capture you authentically. I'm genuinely interested in knowing what makes you tick, your likes, dislikes, and quirks. This knowledge helps me to shoot in a way that feels natural to you, comfortable, and true to your relationship.

Three wedding related images including a bride photographed in direct sunlight on the portico of the Estate at River run and a bride and groom embracing in their wedding reception space.

The Day Of: Camera Always in Hand

On your wedding day, you'll find me with my camera always in hand, ready to capture the unfolding magic. My photojournalistic style allows me to seize those candid moments—the laughter, the tears, and the unspoken emotions—that give life to a wedding. I'm not just photographing you; I'm photographing the essence of your day.

It’s All in the Details

"There's no magic in magic. It's all in the details," they say. I couldn’t agree more. Beyond capturing you and your loved one, I pay meticulous attention to the atmosphere of your celebration. The location, the décor, and even the perfume you wear are all elements that contribute to your wedding day story. When I send over your wedding gallery, it will be a tapestry of these carefully selected details. These are the in-between moments, the overlooked yet meaningful facets of your day that make these photos uniquely yours.

Three wedding detail photographs set up in a classic flatlay with light colors of warm gold, cream and light blue.

Why This Matters

When you receive your wedding gallery, you realize it's not just a collection of beautiful pictures. It is a curated archive of your love and a special moment in time. I want you to relive your wedding day every time you flip through these photos, to feel the emotions and joy. Your wedding experience should be something you can share and treasure for years to come. That, my friends, is what I consider to be real magic.

A bride and groom photographed walking toward their guests by a wedding photographer.

Your wedding is an intimate affair, and I’m honored each time a couple lets me into their world. In aligning my professional skills with documentary-style photography, I aspire to make your special day even more unforgettable. I'm here not just to capture your wedding but to celebrate your individuality and unique love.

If you're looking for someone who sees the extraordinary in the ordinary and treats every detail with love and care, I’m the photographer for you!

Questions to ask when booking your Wedding Photographer

- How long have you been photographing weddings?

- Why are you a wedding photographer?

- How many weddings do you photograph every year on average?

- What feedback do you often receive from clients?


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