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How to Choose a Wedding DJ: Expert Questions to Ask

DJ's can sometimes be a last minute concern in wedding planning, but after years of watching weddings unfold and listening to more replays of Uptown Funk than I care to remember, I'm here to tell you that your DJ is a huge part of how your wedding, and especially your reception, will feel.

Think of your DJ as the ringmaster to your wedding day. They help orchestrate the timeline and flow of events, bridge the gap between your Aunt Mildred and your college friends to get everyone on the same page, both on the dance floor and off, as you celebrate. A DJ can make your wedding feel like the party of the year or like that awkward middle school dance your parents dropped you off at when you were in 6th grade.

Because of that, finding the right person that vibes with you as a couple and has the experience and gear to create an amazing atmosphere is incredibly important.

I worked with Obehi for a recent wedding at Glass Hill, and from the moment he entered venue he brought an energy and excitement to the room that built into an incredible dance party that finished off Stephanie and Sam's celebration in style. I was able to interview him to get the inside scoop about finding and working with an awesome DJ and what questions you should be asking.

Photo by Josiah O'Boyle

Q. When should you book your DJ?

"I will say this answer definitely hinges on when the client has decided to marry the partner of their dreams and how long their engagement will be. 

I personally believe that a DJ is very important, and if you can, try to make them one fo the early vendors you book after venue, photographer and wedding coordinator. Most clients think they can add a DJ last minute within their planning process but don't realize that we are as heavily booked as photographers, venues and wedding coordinators. A good DJ will have his dates filled rather quickly. 

We control the atmosphere of the whole day and the entire celebration of your commitment to each other. That's not someone you want to be rushing to book last minute."

Q. What are 3 Questions you should ask when interviewing a DJ?

1. Why do you choose to give up your weekends to DJ weddings?

2. What is your personal favorite genres to mix to?

3. What is the hardest wedding you've had to DJ and why?

BONUS: 4. Name one of your favorite weddings to DJ and why?

Q. What questions does your DJ want you to ask when looking at a venue?

1. Where does the DJ's booth go and is that best location for them for the reception?

2. Is the DJ in the best location acoustically?

3. Are they close or right next to the dance floor? If not why?

4. Can the DJ have access to where they need to be for unloading and packing up with minimal effort?

5. Does this venue have a private (strong) wifi for downloading songs they may not have yet?

6. Will the DJ have adequate power outlets for his gear?

7. Is there a location the DJ can park close to the venue since he or she isn't a guest but a vendor?

8. In case of weather what's your plan for the DJ and their equipment?

Q. Top 3 Tips for having an awesome reception:

1. Make sure the DJ understands not just your favorites artists or song but your two family's tastes. 2. Make sure you pick a DJ that fits your vibe:

-Do I want them to dance and get out in the crowd?
-Do they need to be hip to my culture?
-Do they need to be reserved?
-Do they have an engaging personality
-Do they need to be flexible and take requests?

3. Alcohol (if you can, do it!)

Finding a fantastic DJ is a key element of the wedding planning process, it elevates a wedding beyond the "we have a playlist from Spotify" into an event that transforms your venue space. The vibe is a real thing and finding a DJ that can nurture and enhance your wedding day should be anything but last on your planning checklist.

If you're looking for a killer DJ in Virginia who can do just that for your celebration I recommend Obehi 110%

You can find him here:


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