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How to Choose a Wedding Theme: A Step-by-Step Guide for Couples

Choosing your wedding theme can be both exciting and daunting!

It sets the tone for your wedding day and informs the aesthetic choices you make in both details and the overall look of your wedding. Here's three things to consider as you sort through ideas and find the direction your celebration should take!

The first is that inspiration is everywhere! Begin with concepts, places, books or movies that you love. Bonus points if it's something you and your partner are obsessed with or an interest that brought you together. As you gather inspiration, remember that your choices don't have to align precisely with your source. You can play with ideas and use your imagination to inspire things as abstract as color choices (consider instead of cloaking your attendants in Gladrial-esqu cloaks for a Lord of the Rings themed wedding, using a monochromatic color scheme of forest greens). The less on the nose you go the more timeless and classic your wedding will be. Details are a great place to infuse the flavor of your theme into the wedding. Custom cocktails, on theme favors, and table names are good items that can create an amazing atmosphere reflecting the theme.

Pick your backdrop with the theme of your day in mind. Both time of year and location are an opportunity to enhance and play up the theme. It's important to have an idea about the direction your wedding will run in before you select your venue and wedding date. The right venue will provide an excellent backdrop and setting, as well as reduce the amount of work you'll need to do with decor and ornamentation needed to bring your vision to life. Considering an antebellum theme circa 1842? A beautifully restored plantation venue can give the elegant backdrop you need to take your guests back in time. The season you get married in can also be a bonus in boosting the aura of your day. A swanky Gatsby inspired wedding would find a perfect backdrop during New Years and a wedding centered around a couple's love of sailing would thrive during the summer months.

Look for themes that embrace your roots and who you are as a couple!

The more personal on brand your theme is for who you are (both together and as individuals) the bigger hit it will be with your guests. Don't be afraid to seek inspiration from wedding blogs and Pinterest, but no matter what style you choose, remember that your wedding is ultimately about the two of you. You'll feel most at home and excited about a wedding that is filled with what you love and reflects your personal style! Take a note from your own life, what colors do you gravitate toward and how do you decorate your home? A wedding is the perfect time to celebrate everything you love as well as the person you've chosen to spend your life with.


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