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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors: From Venue to Season

Part of the planning process is choosing your wedding colors. This can impact the mood and overall style of your wedding in so many ways so being intentional with the colors you choose is an excellent idea!

As you begin your journey (color wheel close at hand) one of the first things you should do is take a look at your venue. Some spaces, like warehouses and industrial venues have minimal color and can provide a neutral backdrop to any color combo you throw at it, but other spaces - like the great outdoors in June (hello bright spring green) or a rustic barn can have a color balance already in place. It will mean less work and adjustment in the long run if your color choices go well with the environment that your wedding takes place in.

Along that same line of thought, the season your wedding occurs during can also play a big part in your color choices. While you don't need to necessarily choose your colors solely based on the season, you can certainly choose from a palette that embraces or plays with the vibe and colors that naturally appear during that time of year. Don't be afraid to go rouge though! A winter wedding can embrace a cream and buff palette, just play up your accent colors (gold anyone?) and textures.

Good design sense will take your wedding colors anywhere you can imagine, so be ready to take inspiration from many sources. A trip to your local bookshop to browse through art books, or taking a look at your own interior design (what colors are you drawn to for your daily life and decorating) can be helpful. There are also a variety of color tools that can assist you as you search for your perfect color palette.

The Wedding Wire Color Palette Generator and Material Design Color Tool are two resources that let you experiment and can guide you toward excellent color combinations. Also, places like the Pantone Instagram account and other design accounts can also be great sources to find color inspiration.


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