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Damini & Jesse: Winter Romance at Atlanta Botanical Gardens

I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with Damini and Jesse expecting a few trees, possibly some shrubbery; instead we were greeted by flowering orchids, lush palm trees, and a cactus oasis that made us forget the fact that it was late December outside.

The gardens were drenched with precipitation and as we walked through the greenery it was easy to pretend we'd stumbled through a glass door and into the amazon. I've been to many museums, quite a few art galleries, but the natural beauty and incredible atmosphere of the gardens was something that I've never experienced before. To add to the floral beauty, Jesse and Damini are so clearly smitten with each other that their romance made the gardens even more lovely.

Damini and Jesse are adorable together and watching them interact and wander through the gardens was wonderful! We had a blast exploring the different ecosystems in the series of greenhouses and guessing the types of plants sprouting in the edible garden sections. I love working with couples who are completely smitten with each other; with Jesse and Damini I hardly had to pose them as they were so completely wrapped up in each other the entire time.


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