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Sunrise Proposal in Lake George

Sunrise in the Adirondack Mountains

Lake George is always lovely, but at sunrise it is more than that. The lake is undisturbed except for a few ducks and the occasional early morning fisherman and between the mountains, mist and soft light creep through to slowly illuminate the lake. It was on the shoreline, at dawn, that John chose to propose to Johanna. I was so excited to capture this beautiful morning and amazing moment of their journey. John caught Johanna completely by surprise and seeing her joy and excitement was the best possible start to their portrait session.

We walked along the docks and beach, pausing at the local Minnie-Ha-Ha steamship because something about that outrageous, wonderful sign caught me and I couldn't keep away. The soft light was incredible, getting up in the early hours for pictures can be difficult, but the light is always the best of the day. It's warm and soft and even more flattering than candlelight. I always mention to every couple I work with that if they are willing to meet early they will have the benefit of the best possible lighting for their portraits and John and Johanna's proposal was no exception.

After we made our way past the old fort we decided to go grab a coffee (one of Johanna and John's favorite things to do together) and we finished their engagement session with delicious latte's from Caffe Vero.

Thank you so much Johanna and John, it was such a privilege to work with you both and to capture such a beautiful morning! I wish you all the happiness in the world as you continue your journey together. <3

Lake George Fort William at sunrise

Surprise proposal in Lake George

Surprise Proposal at the Lake George docks

Saddleback Surprise Proposal

Engagement session at sunrise

early morning engagement session with Johanna and John

The beautiful Minne Ha Ha Steamboat sign

A fall engagement session with perfect leaf colors

The board walk in Lake George

Million Dollar beach in Lake George

Caffe Vero Coffee shop engagement session

Coffee at Caffe Vero and Engagement photos

sunrise proposal and beautiful diamond engagement ring


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