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Paige and Ethan's Adirondack Winter Engagement

This February Engagement shoot is one of my favorite to date. Paige and Ethan (who traveled up from New Jersey to visit Paige’s family) braved the February chill to hike a mountain with myself and Whitney of Mountainaire Gatherings. It was snowing softly and that, combined with Ethan and Paige’s wonderful connection, made this shoot truly special.

There was a lot of slipping in the snow and laughter as we climbed the mountain and each place we stopped to shoot in along the trail was filled with the unique beauty of the Adirondacks. It truly is a privilege to live and work in this northern wonderland.

Paige was a hardcore trooper when it came to braving the elements and she did it looking spectacularly radiant (Keep an eye out for the addendum to this shoot in which Paige gracefully doubled as a winter forest nymph in a tulle skirt and evergreen crown).

I was so thankful for the opportunity to head out on the trail with Paige and Ethan. Opportunities to photograph couples can be thin on the ground during the winter season and Paige and Ethan are so wonderful together. The most awesome part of being an event photographer, and particularly of weddings and couples, is documenting the happiness and joy of couples who are in love. Paige and Ethan have that joy in spades and it was a wonderful gift to be able showcase their love in the heart of the Adirondacks.


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