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Lynchburg's Panther Falls: A Couple's Sunrise Photography Experience

Just north of Lynchburg there's a quiet waterfall off the Blue Ridge Parkway named Panther Falls, (not to be confused with the considerably more well-instagrammed Panther Waterfalls in the PNW). In this lovely spot, hidden down winding side roads, I got to shoot with Alexis and Kobe. They are an incredible couple. Proof: when I asked Alexis if they were hardcore and ready to get up in the freezing cold to catch sunrise, she texted back within seconds that they were on board! (I instantly went into happy, ice-age-Scrat, dance mode). I'm so glad Alexis and Kobe were willing to brave the early wakeup and cold, because the photos of the two of them adventuring on the Parkway ended up being some of my favorites from this fall!


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