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Kristin and Dan - OBX Couple's Session

Dan and Kristin came to the Outer Banks to enjoy the ocean, the 4x4 beach and the beauty of the OBX. There's so much about the Outer Banks that draws people to its shores. From the soft dunes, to the wild horses that roam through Corolla, OBX is one heck of a special place. Dan and Kristin are adventurous souls and their carefree vibe fit so well in the waves and sunshine.

I love when couple's session are centered around an activity or experience, like four wheeling, that a couple enjoys doing together. It's wonderful to document an experience they love and to know that they'll be able to look back on their shared excitement and fun for the rest of their lives.

One of the greatest strengths of photography is it's ability to keep the people and places we love close to our hearts. What better way to use that gift than to capture yourself and your partner doing what you love together.

Photo sessions are my favorite when they have lots of laughter, a little bit of sea foam and all the love. Add a Jeep Rubicon and a 4x4 beach to the mix and what you end up with is pure beachy perfection.


Virginia based
wedding photographer for the people who take the road less traveled

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