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Isabel & Jake's Adirondack Mountain Wedding

Isabel and Jake were married in an deeply meaningful ceremony at Isabel's family farm in the Adirondack Mountains. The history and beauty of the area seeped into the details of Jake and Isabel's celebration, but it was their connection and adoration for each other that truly shone throughout the day. To paraphrase the groom's brother's toast, if the world was filled with more people like Jake and Isabel it would be a significantly better place.

I won't lie, I had to suppress a few tears as Isabel and Jake promised their love so eloquently to each other and the story of their meeting and almost predestined love was told by various family members during their ceremony. Their mother had been friends years before and although Isabel grew up in Africa and Jake in the US, when they both attended

From their first look to the final dance, Isabel and Jake's wedding day was full of meaningful details and lovingly crafted moments. It was wonderful to see each family member and friend light up with joy as they watched Jake and Isabel's happiness.

I feel so privileged to have witnessed and photographed the celebration and joy that happened that day. There was an eclectic mix of guests and family who had come from across the globe, but were clearly united in their love for Jake and Isabel.


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