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Alex & Virginia: A Surprise Proposal in Winter's Embrace

This engagement was magical! It happened on what felt like the coldest day of March, but that didn't damper the excitement and joy of these two sweethearts.

When Alex contacted me to see if I could help capture his surprise proposal to Virginia I was instantly excited. He asked for location suggestions so I brainstormed with the fantastic Whitney (of Mountainaire Gatherings) and suggested a local waterfall that had both beautiful and romantic going for it. The only tangle in this plan - the fact that the trail was more than slightly off the beaten path. To combat this I told Alex I would drop a Google pin and flag the trail.

Despite all these preparations, I was nervous on the morning of the proposal. I hiked in half an hour early, triple checked the pin and double knotted all the trail tape. Then I waited, layered in 5 different thicknesses of wool. After the first 20 minutes I was reduced to cocking my ear like a hunting dog every time a twig snapped or snow crackled, but finally I heard voices floating through the trees and knew it was game on! Peering through a screen of baby evergreens I watched Alex lead Virginia over the steep hillside and out of sight toward the water. Then (camera gear in tow) I stealthily belly crawled through the snow to peep over the crest of the embankment while they walked down to the frozen stream. As Alex and Virginia took in the icicles and frozen waterfall I slid upward, blocking myself behind a frosty tree, and positioned my lens so that it just peeked out from behind the trunk. So far so good. Then the emotional fireworks began as Alex proposed and Virginia accepted- it was one of the most meaningful and wonderful proposals I've been privileged to witness and of course she said Yes!

Look at how excited these two are!

After their wonderful moment at the falls I joined Alex and Virginia at their local AirBnB to photograph them again. At the end of the session I felt lucky to have met them both and so excited for their future together. Virginia and Alex are a truly special couple and the love they share could not be more clear. Thank you both again for the privilege of capturing this incredible moment in your love story!


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