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Capturing Your Perfect Day

Your dream wedding,

Filled with romance and just a bit of magic is waiting.   

Your Wedding Is a Once in a lifetime Experience! You want to look incredible, feel Comfortable, and work with a Photographer who believes each moment of your wedding is priceless
      Imagine Your wedding:     
  An incredible day with pictures that record the emotion and unique spirit of your wedding
Being able to relax knowing that the memories you're creating are being captured by a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and sees the beauty of your love 
 Knowing that your photographer is committed to capturing your love story so you can relive the moments for years to come.   
You deserve extraordinary pictures that tell the story of your happily ever after!
"If I'm honest I have to tell you I still read fairytales and I like them best of all."
- Audrey Hepburn

Hello! I'm Amber

Photographer, true love enthusiast, and truly excited to be a part of what makes your wedding day a fantastic experience. I'm committed to capturing your memories and keeping the magic of your celebration alive so you can share your fairytale for generations to come! 


"Hands down the best. She makes you feel comfortable, and was amazing!"

- Siobhan Levere


- Kendra Williams

"Amber gave us the perfect amount of direction, took charge when needed, and was flexible when the weather was uncertain...I can't recommend her enough!"
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